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Outer Journeys

Bhutan is multi-dimensional, a place to experience natural beauty, ancient culture, and the many aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism; The right places will trigger deep memories of who we are and where we are going.. Read More

Inner Journeys

If you seek to grow your inner strength, creativity, wisdom, self-knowledge and open heart, Inner Journeys provides the context and spaces where you can explore your own depths and find the answers waiting there. Read More

Your Guide

Pema's knowledge and skill will guide you towards your unique journey, be it ecotourism, spiritual sites or hikes into the remote hidden mountains and valleys of this wonderland... Read More

“If you want to know your future life, look at your present actions. — the great Himalayan Adept, Guru Rinpoche


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From river rafting to visiting a famous monastery, watching the annual Lama dances or hiking in the remote mountain top, we will tailor your trip to make your deeepest wishes come true on this once in a lifetime journey.

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